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Chartered in September of 1975, the Denver MountainAires chapter was formed as an alternative to the highly competitive area chapters. About twenty men from the Mile High chapter had a vision of a chapter without extensive time spent on risers, with more emphasis placed upon quartet activities and a more relaxed, yet fun meeting format. Our chapter focus has always been to sing as well as possible for our appreciative audiences.  

Over the years, our chapter membership has been as high as 63 men, and today, our chapter consists of 45 dedicated barbershoppers

We pride ourselves upon our community involvement: singing in the nursing homes, retirement centers, community functions, etc. In the early '90's, chapter quartet, The Chord Weavers started singing at area schools. It has slowly grown over the years, and today, our chapter has a strong youth outreach program into the area high schools, touching the lives of boys and girls alike. In the last year, The Denver Mile High chapter and the Sweet Adeline's have joined us in our efforts to educate, excite, and inspire our youth to sing barbershop. We hold yearly festivals, summer camps , an annual high school quartet contest for both boys and  girls, and more.  

For more information, please visit the YMIH Link .

A typical chapter meeting will usually include quartetting, chorus work, craft sessions, gang singing, and more fun than you can imagine. We are known as a friendly and sociable chapter. Our annual shows are always a hit in the community.

Our Vision

The Denver Mountain A ires Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is an ever growing, harmonious fraternity of men who are dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the barbershop style of four-part, a cappella close harmony singing.


Our Mission

In fulfilling the four core values of barbershopping fun, fellowship, singing, and service the Denver MountainAires Chapter:

  1. Provides an effective organization, leadership, and regular meeting environment that enables and encourages all members to enjoy barbershop singing in a chorus, in quartets, or in a very large quartet (VLQ).
  2. Provides vocal music education and development opportunities to all members to enable them to achieve a greater understanding of the language of music in general and of the barbershop style of music in particular.
  3. Provides vocal performance education, training, and coaching so that each member can attain his highest level of excellence in barbershop singing, and provides opportunities to perform for the public when standards that are established by the Chapter Performance Committee have been met.
  4. Provides opportunities for, and encourages participation in, both charitable and paid barbershop performances in our community by our members in order to provide a community service, contribute to worthy causes, provide income to the Chapter, and generally demonstrate the joys of quality barbershop style singing to others in our community.
  5. Provides leadership opportunities for, and encourages participation in, outreach activities to the youth in our community so that they may be informed, educated, and have an opportunity to experience barbershop style singing during their school years.
  6. Provides opportunities for social interaction among the membership, establishing and cultivating the fellowship that all barbershoppers value.
  7. Encourages its members to adopt a spirit of generosity toward the official charity of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Harmony Foundation.
  8. Actively recruits congenial men who can sing, and are willing to improve their musical skills in the barbershop style.

Guest Nights

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The Denver MountainAires and our quartets
would be happy to sing at your event. 
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We rehearse at:

Edgewater Community Church
2497 Fenton Street
Edgewater, CO  80214

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